Buying Car Insurance Online

Reader’s Question:

Is there a disadvantage of buying car insurance online?


Chicago IL


With the overwhelming advantages of buying car insurance online, you might wonder what the disadvantages are given the fact that it provides no personal contact. As much as buying online can save you time, however, it is also beneficial and priceless to be conversing and relaying questions to a live agent. By doing so, you are giving them the chance to know your financial strengths in a more in-depth and personal level. Agents online may communicate with you and answer your questions but they will not sit with you and explain matters in a more detailed and precise way.

In conclusion, it is always dependent to the applicant which is better and safer for him/her to opt.

And remember that whichever way you choose, you always have to be involved and be meticulous with the details presented to you. You must always put the financial safety of your assets and your future first.

The most important thing to do is to be wary and make sure that you are buying your car insurance policy online from a reputable and cheap car insurance company.

Buying Car Insurance Policy Florida FL

Reader’s Question:

How long do I have to transfer car insurance when buying car in the state of Florida?


Miami FL


After buying a car in Florida you need to register and title it under your name. When you go to the FL Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (HSMV) or license agency to apply for the title and registration of the car you need to have proof of liability insurance.

There is no note with the Insurance Division in Florida regarding how much time you need to get car insurance after buying a vehicle. If already have a current car insurance and you are just replacing a car on the current insurance policy, then an insurer will cover the new car for a certain number of days generally however you will have to check with your current car insurance provider to be sure if they will cover it.

If possible, it is best to set up the car insurance policy before you buy the vehicle as soon as possible. If you do not have an insurance policy in place to cover a new car, you can get a quote and buy car insurance policy from the top rated car insurance companies.

Buying Auto Insurance Online

Reader’s Question:

Is it better to buy auto insurance online? Is it cheaper?


Colorado Springs, CO

The increased demand of transacting business through the use of the Internet among many consumers prompts many insurance companies to intensify their different insurance promotions. Some insurers offer basic insurance coverage while others cater only to a special type of group such as the student drivers or high risk drivers. Consumers prefer more to go online for an insurance company that could provide them the exact coverage they want rather than consuming a lot of time in doing personal visits to them. They can immediately compare various insurance deals from different insurance websites and be able to choose the best deal.

Consumers actually have ample time to shop around and compare quotes since they can access through these insurance websites anytime they want. Insurers not only allow consumers to view what they are offering. They also encourage consumers to purchase their policy online. It is because insurers can minimize their cost on their operational expenses when they do business online. Everything would be paperless and there is no need for them to pay commissions to their agents. That is why most insurers offer discounts to those who are going to purchase their policies online.

It is highly recommended to purchase your auto insurance online. Not only that you can save your money on the huge discounts given by insurers, you are also able to save your time and your effort as well. You can always get back to these hundreds of insurers anytime even right at your home. To get quotes online, you only have to answer their online questionnaire to give the insurer an idea of your profile as well as the type of coverage that you want. After doing so, you will then be directed to a page that contains their offer. If you like the quote you can immediately proceed to the next transaction which is purchasing the policy online.

Buying Auto Insurance Online

Reader’s Question:

I’m going to buy my first car soon and before I do, I want to know a fast or easy way to get it insured.


Sacramento, CA

If you want to buy auto insurance as quickly or directly as possible, the internet is you best bet. Here are some reminders when buying auto insurance.

-Go to comparison websites, they are free and most of them are reliable. Stay away from the ones that offer quotes then charges for a fee, it’s just a fraudulent business scheme. Also be vigilant when buying auto insurance online, make sure that their website uses encryption technology. Make sure your online transaction will be secure in order for your personal information to be protected.

-Some people think they can get lower quotes by intentionally giving the wrong information about them. Remember that you are just shopping for quotes, before any deal proceeds, your information will be authenticated first and if you didn’t provide the complete and correct information, it may or it will lead to cancellation of the deal.

-Another thing you need to check before buying auto insurance is the insurance company’s background history. There are some websites that rates insurance companies if they are in good shape. You need to know the company’s past record or if there are many complaints about them when giving out claims. It’ll be a frustrating situation where in you think you are saving but in the end, you’ll end up getting nothing.

First Timer Buys Cheap Auto Insurance Online

Reader’s Question:

I feel most secure when I’m able to talk to my auto insurance agent face to face. Will I be given the same security if I buy cheap auto insurance online?


Louisville, KY

Deciding on changing the way you get your auto insurance policy is difficult especially if you’re used to buying them the old way. However, the process of buying cheap auto insurance has its advantages. Buying auto insurance online spares you from having to go to auto insurance companies yourself. Less effort, and the benefits you get are still the same. Also, you could choose from a variety of auto insurance coverages that will suit your lifestyle and budget. Also, you can get multiple quotes without the feeling of asking for too much and review it for as long a time as you want. You could always go back to your computer any time to take a look, then pick the best price and purchase the coverage that you feel is right for you. And this you get all from the comfort of your chair, hassle-free.

What’s best is that online insurance quotes are free of charge. It saves your time, energy and even your gas consumption. You can rest assured that you can buy cheap auto insurance online as they give you a wide variety of coverage to choose from. If somehow you don’t like any of the coverage presented, there is no obligation to buy an auto insurance policy.

It is the easiest and fastest way to purchase an auto insurance policy as your coverage could start immediately after payment. You just have to make sure that you have selected the present date as your auto insurance policy’s effectivity. Most companies give temporary proof of insurance that you could easily print.

As you can see, it is the most convenient, fastest and effective way of getting or renewing your auto insurance policy. You’ll surely have the same confidence in buying cheap auto insurance online-same benefits but greater advantage.

Buy Cheap Auto Insurance Online

Reader’s Question:

I’m 25 years old and just gotten my first car. Is it advisable to buy cheap auto insurance online?


Albany, NY

Those who are below 25 years of age commonly have a hard time looking for cheap auto insurance because companies believe that they are insurance high risks. Individuals in this age group are generally seen as less experienced behind the wheel. This essentially means that they are statistically likely to file auto insurance claims more frequently compared to older drivers. Young people’s cars are also generally not well maintained and so can be quite prone to accidents. And since young people do not have the economic power yet to buy their own cars, they are likely to share their ride with other passengers. This means that there will be more people in the car and the potential for overloading is to be expected.

But there are a number of auto insurance providers who cater to the high-risk market. So, you should not find it too difficult to buy cheap auto insurance online. By “cheap,” however, I mean only relatively so. Real cheap auto insurance online for young drivers is quite impossible to find, I’m afraid.

Buying auto insurance online is quite safe. Simply take the usual precaution of making sure that the site in which you’re making your purchase is secure, and be certain that you are buying from a legitimate auto insurance company that’s accredited in your state.

Buying Auto Insurance Online or Offline?

Reader’s Question:

I heard that we can easily get auto insurance on the Internet. But I have also heard that there are a lot of bogus sites. Now, I am quite confused if I should be buying auto insurance online or offline. Please help me.


Raleigh, NC

You know, I very well understand your hesitation with buying auto insurance online. I think that the older generation, to which I belong to, is not very comfortable with the idea of trusting their money with anybody, especially if they do not readily see and interact with them. There is no personal touch on the Internet. It is like you are transacting with a robot. It is very much unlike when you go to an auto insurance company’s office where you have some sense of security that you could go after them in the event that they double-cross you.

But going personally to an auto insurance company’s office or getting in touch with them yourself may pose certain problems, too. The most important is that when you might as well be earning money, you are spending that time to coordinate with an auto insurance broker or agent. You are spending precious time, money and effort, which you can very well save if you go online.

But in order to have the peace of mind that you are not transacting with bogus people on the Internet, you should check the list of accredited agents and brokers. This is available on your state’s Insurance Department’s Web site. Buying auto insurance online from one of the listed companies makes you sure that you are in good hands.

We have to accept that we are already in a new age of civilization. So, we have to catch up and adapt. Right now, it has made possible by the Internet for people to earn money within the comforts of their own home. We can also get every kind of services available. We only have to be knowledgeable on computers and the Internet. Needless to say, we should not be afraid of technology.

Benefits of Buying Auto Insurance Online

Reader’s Question:

Hello there. I would like to try buying auto insurance online. Is it really easier than just talking to an auto insurance agent?


Baltimore, MD

Buying auto insurance online is more convenient for several reasons. First of all, there are auto insurance websites that offer comparative quotes from several companies at once. This saves you the hassle of sorting through quotations from several auto insurance companies that are most likely written in different formats and with different coverage types and rates. Also, in buying auto insurance online, you are provided with the information at the time convenient to you. You no longer need to conform to the auto insurance companies’ business hours to get the information you want. Buying auto insurance online also gives you a wider range of choices as you are not limited by distance. You can be in Maryland and buy your auto insurance from an auto insurance company in Alaska, for example. With the wider range of choices, you are more likely to be able to find cheap auto insurance that will provide you with the coverage that you require. When buying auto insurance online, you can just charge the fees to your credit card and get a copy of your auto insurance policy electronically. There is usually no need to go to an office in person just to close the transaction. With this, you save time, money and effort that you would have expended in going through the traditional means of purchasing auto insurance directly with an auto insurance company or in going through an insurance broker.